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About us

The St. Wilfred's School Established in 2001.
At St. Wilfred's Jaipur, there is a belief that every student can achieve excellence in an atmosphere that is both encouraging and challenging.
We strive to provide holistic growth along with the efficiency and vibrancy of an experienced teaching staff. The school is child-centred and provides a child friendly ambience.
St. Wilfred's School Jaipur is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education,India.

From The Desk of The Secretary

Schools today are no longer mere centres of spreading literacy – if a school today encompasses a much wider horizon they are facilitators in the important process of personal growth and development of an individual as a resourceful member of the society.

Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on mind.   – Plato

What according to you is the importance of education – scoring high marks? Certificate acquisition? Honing the skills of rote learning to spew out the crammed information effortlessly?

Unfortunately this is the sole purpose of education being marketed by our system today. Education has to serve the means to open the mind. It has to teach us how to think rather than telling us what to think. This is what we aim to do at The St. Wilfred’s School – implant a seed of inquisitiveness, cultivate a love of learning and groom the child to become an independent thinker and a visionary leader. Effective learning involves creating and solving our own errors. I want our children to go ahead, stretch out enthusiastically to test their limitlessness, not to fear committing mistakes nor fear encountering failures, for these should be used as stepping stones to move ahead towards fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.

Our children need to be guided to learn to think, reason, analyse and not follow blindly. Combine the learning with actions, let unavoidable errors impel them to seek greater understanding. Teachers, parents and guardians need to work together to give our children a platform from which they may learn to open their wings and soar up confidently towards success

Dr. Keshav Badaya

Chairman Message

I am very pleased to state that the St.Wilfred Education Society is promised to the entire development of a wholesome foundation for a generation which would shape the bright future of our nation in the years to come.

“Build your schools around concepts, not only academic subjects but core concepts such as awareness, honest, genuine and dedicated. First of all be honest and genuine with yourself because you can deceive everyone but not yourself. If you fall in your own eyes you can never get the respect of the others in order to fulfill your aims you have to ogranis yourself, lead a disciplined life, form a good character and rest follows”.

Mr. Suresh K. Gupta

Senior Head Message

One more academic year of St. Wilfred’s School has been successfully rounded off and another batch is out to face the battle of life. It has been both eventful and challenging year for the school. We targeted high goals for ourselves and endeavored to achieve them persistently.

Every school activity was undertaken by us with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The year taught us to accept the moments of success, and those of failure with indomitable spirit for we have grown more intelligent with each of our failures and humble with every success.

No one in the world is born genius. The greatest thinkers in history like Newton, Shakespeare, Lincoln and Gandhi achieved something in life not by sheer luck or by the lighting flash of inspiration, but by constant toil. In fact, work is the beginning the middle and the end of success. It is the work that lifts most men above the crowd. What turns the ordinary into extra-ordinary is the extra we put into it. The climb to the top is walk up, never a walkover. There one no lifts and escalators in the world of success. So start now, never say tomorrow instead do today’s work today. Awake, arise and act. It is aptly said:-

“If you can run a losing race without blaming your loss on someone else. You have bright prospects of success further down the road in life.

I would like to conclude by saying that keep moving ahead a few steps every day and soon you will be able to develop an attractive personality.

“Build it well, whatever you do.

Build straight, strong and true.

Build it clean and high and broad.

Build it for the eyes of God.


Ms. Asha Sharma

From The Desk of The Principal

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-14 at 3.38.57 PM
“Education is not preparation of life, education is life itself.” – John Dewey Education is the greatest asset in the competitive world. The educational needs of today are very different from those of the past because of growing competition and with the progress of science and technology. The students must be equipped with the skills required to face the challenges of future. They can do it easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. The school has undertaken a great leap in integrating information and communication technology into the classroom teaching and learning process by setting up smart class rooms with interactive boards. Our school is scaling new heights with professionals training our children in a range of co-curricular activities so that they evolve as excellent individuals who have honed their skills in school and are equipped to lead and inspire in the microcosm of the world. The school takes great pride in its excellent infrastructure, which has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the child. The school provides a full range of facilities to help the children adjust happily and feel at home as they learn and grow mentally, physically and socially. The school will always try its best to maintain the highest academic standard and provide a wonderful environment for studies. I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

Mr. Beni C.I.

What makes us different?

Improve learning environment including library, laboratories classrooms and other facilities.

  • Upgrading skills of faculty and supporting staff through training.
  • Compliance with curriculum and regulatory requirements and completion of syllabus in time.
  • Enhance practical skills and knowledge of student in accordance with the needs.
  • Provide holistic development.
  • Regulatory body (NCERT/CBSE) audits
  • No. of students getting admission in reputed institutions of higher learning
Student feedback
  • No. of training programmes organized.
  • No. of external programmes attended.
  • No. of personnel trained
Internal quality audits
  • Monitoring course coverage against timetable and syllabus
  • Regulatory body (NCERT/CBSE) audits
Quality of input during admission
  • Pass percentage, minimum average and maximum marks
  • No. of awards in non-academic activities.

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