Computer lab

The school houses modern computer labs with a substantial number of computers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students keep abreast with the fast changing IT scenario. The application of IT in the educational sector has expanded the walls of the classrooms and created limitless opportunities for learning and growth through the web based technology. The computer labs add to this fervor of Information Technology.

Physics lab

The spacious and bright Physics lab is the favourite haunt for all the Newtons in the making, where they experiment and come out with new inferences.

Chemistry lab

A well equipped chemistry lab, operational with test-tubes ,and other common chemical apparatus finds many aspiring scientists engrossed in experimentation . Apart from these, the lab is modernized with a fume chamber and electrical balances. The lab will soon be equipped with a pH meter and a distillation set.

Biology lab

A very interesting corner of learning, where unfolds the greatest mysteries of life. It is here that each young learner watches with wonder the first signs of life under the microscope.