Career Guidance

Career Guidance Seminar

Career Counselling @St. Wilfred’s School, Jaipur

A seminar on Career and Guidance for NEET aspirants was held in St. Wilfred’s School today by a team of experts of a pioneer coaching center. The students of class XI and XII took part in this mega event enthusiastically.

The team experts counselled the students about their different career options. They detailed the students about the importance of the right decisions at the initial stage of schooling. They emphasized the point that students should make a clear decision of their career path as early as possible. Class ‘IX’ or ‘X,’ they said, is the right time for this kind of a decision.
An expert said, “Some students initially show excellence as they join a certain coaching center, but after a while they come to a saturation zone and leave their efforts that results their level starts to deteriorate.” He further added, “The solution to this issue is to complete your school syllabus by the end of November for board examination, so that you could spend rest of the time for NEET preparation.” After the discussion, students asked several questions to clear their doubts.
Ms. Asha Sharma, Principal St. Wilfred’s School expressed her thankfulness to the team of expert. She said right guidance at the right time paves the way to success for the students. On this occasion, from St. Wilfred’s School Ziaul Moid Khan, Anisha Arora and Jyoti Gupta were also present.

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